Sex on dialysis

what effect does dialysis have on a man sex drive and what kinda help can he get.

If your doing 3x week in-center dialysis then the damage can be quite bad, but if you go do dialysis more often at home, Daily-Short or Nocturnal then you should be okay. Not perfect but in good state.

Hmm …having sex whilst on dialysis though could be a different matter. They do tell us that exercise while dialyzing is good for us (;

I suggest that you read the Sexuality and Fertility module of Kidney School at There’s a whole section about the effects of dialysis on men’s sexuality and what you can do.

Transplant and nocturnal dialysis seem to be linked with a more normal sex drive and ability to perform. This makes sense because these treatments are closer to having healthy kidneys.

im serious its kind of kinky just make sure your lines are secure and if you dont at least get one alarm you might want to try viagra

They say exercise while having dialysis is very healthy and important, so I guess having sex while having dialysis must be quite quite healthy and important, probably even better than the bike!. Hahahaha

This thread reminds me of a post to my blog Tasty Kidney Pie in September, 2006 -

Here it is:

I recently wrote this letter to NxStage’s President/CEO Jeffrey Burbank. After rereading it I thought well let’s just post it and see if anyone else has seen the same results.
Here goes. . .

I’d appreciate you forwarding this brief note of thanks to Jeffrey Burbank.

You can find my personal story on Home Dialysis Central where I highlight many of the positive changes that NxStage has brought to my life -

But, one thing that I’m really thankful for, which you don’t see too often on the listserves, is the return of my libido. I’m note joking here. When it is gone you don’t really miss it, but when its there you wouldn’t want to lose it for the world. So, Jeffrey thank you very much.
By the way, I mean this in the purest sense. I married the girl who became my high school sweetheart in 1981.

Anyway, you may want to pursue this angle a bit more in your marketing. Who needs Viagra when you have a NxStage instead of one of those three times a week machines?

Thanks again.

I think I hear my darling calling. Erich Ditschman

By the way I received a nice response from Jeffrey.

Another piece of good news is my wife no longer thinks I’m on the brink of death which was a real hurdle to intimacy.