Sharon Chany patient

Hi Stuart. When my husband was accessing my arterial
Buttonhole today he got a strong flash but could not advance into the vein. He was using touch Cannulatng but just could not get it in and had to use a sharp. Any suggestions?

OK sorry to here you are having problems. 1 how far was the needle in before you had a problem? 2. was the flash back strong enough for you to due the treatment? 3. have you had this problem before. 4. Was these 15 g med-system 5. what type of work did you husband due. 6 when was the last time you had a fistulgram

IS this a upper arm are lower and how long has he had it

“It is in my upper arm , the fistula connection is right at the elbow, with the arterial entry toward my hand”

The needle. Was halfway in. We completed tx by using a sharp. We have not had this particular problem before however we do Have difficulty getting the needles in for both A. And V after a day off and usually end up using a sharp. We use 15 gauge med-system . My husband is my care partner and puts in the needles. I did office work . I had a fistagram on June 11 and it was beautiful. We have been doing HHD for a yr and half.

Sorry I don’t understand “with the arterial entry toward my hand” are you saying that you are cannualting down?. needle in Two more question what position is your arm in when you cannualted? is it straight out are do you have it in a relax position. Last when you say that if you are off for one day that you have trouble placing in the needle the buttonhole tunnel track are into the fistula

Sorry for confusion. Yes wecannulatethe arterial down. My arm is straight out. We have difficulty getting all the way into the tunnel track.

My experience with buttonholes here is your problem. You pull the art needle blood follows up the track, All art buttonholes should be in the up position, the reason is when you pull the needle blood comes out and leaves scab martial in the tunnel track. Well you say so does the art with it in up [position this is true put for some reason with the art needle in the down position I have notice over the last 13 years that there has always have problems with a needle point down, leaking around the site trouble cannualteding.So my recommendation is to stated a new buttonhole in the up position. Next google “Cushion cannualtion"and 'teardrop cannualtion” these two things should help with your problem. Additional info is that sometimes the buttonhole needles comes down along side of the tracked, if using “touch canualtion” you should fell the pulse of the vessel coming threw the tubing. and you know that you are on top of the vessel for cannualtion.I have notice that some buttonholes can’t be cannualted with buttonhole needles this is due to the fact that patients in hard labor IE brick layers, farmers etc have a thicker vessel wall thickens that a buttonhole needle will not penetrated. It is OK to use a sharp only if you use “touch cannualtion” google it to find out more.
PS I hope this will help ,after you have change please come back and let us know how it work out[/SIZE]

Thank you Stuart for your help and time. We have been doing "Touch Cannulation for a long time. We will try a new BH and let you know how it goes

ok how is it going just want to help out let me know the main thing did you get different needles if so how do you like them

if you are having trouble getting the needles in try teardrop cannualtion.