Short Daily Dialysis Per Indiana University Home Dialysis Clinic Guidelines

If you do a short daily dialysis treatment at Indiana, you will run at 500 for 2-2.5 hours for at least 5 days per week, at a FF rate of 40. This is if your fistula is ready. IU gave dialysis to a 400 pound man for 3.5 hours for 6 days a week at FF40. The amount of dialysate is 25.0 liters. Yes, the Nursing staff at IU knows Stuart Mott, R.N. and said he is outstanding. If you are curious, you can use NxStage Nocturnal cartridges for a short treatment, per the IU RN Home Dialysis Supervisor with 38 years of experience. IF YOU HAVE A FISTULA, HOLD IT FOR 10 MINUTES AFTER YOU PULL OUT THE NEEDLE, DO NOT CHEAT!!!