Should I change my dialysis clinic?

I weighed 79 kilograms and nurse programmed my machine to fill me with 2300 ML each cycle. After about a month during an appointment I let them know I was experiencing pain during filling.

Machine stalled in the fifth cycle and in my mostly asleep state I thought this happened at the end of the cycle anyways so I just disconnected. I figured out around noon the next day when I was pulling data from the machine for my records that it didn’t drain me and that was the reason I felt bloated and uncomfortable. So I hooked up to the machine at noon and did dialysis early the next day.

Dr said to reduce volume to 2000. I got instructions on how to program machine from nurse, but even filling to 1000 was causing me pain from getting overfilled. So i programmed it to 1100, planning to increase it by 100 increments every few days as I felt better. I got to 1400 and then I started to feel pressure like mild heartburn in my stomach, so I decided to keep it at 1400.

About half a month later had meeting with nurse. I was supposed to do a manual fill of 2000 ML and keep it in me overnight for no more than eight hours so they could do some tests. But I was worried about damaging myself so I told her I didn’t feel comfortable with it, so I didn’t do it.

Another half month later after that I saw my Dr again. My tests came out good all around. Dr tells me what nurses say is what she says. Ok. Dr also mentions that most people on PD do between 1300 and… I don’t remember the upper number, but it was two or three hundred higher i think.

But then I wonder why she didn’t tell me that a month earlier? She only dropped it down to 2000 from the egregious 2300 when I was her a month earlier. I only weighed 79 kilograms when I started PD.

Dr still wants me to do the manual thing one night soon for testing purposes. But regular tests all came out great after about two weeks of a fill volume of 1100 to 1400. I give that range because remember i started at 1100 and worked up to 1400 until it just started to get uncomfortable.

Nurse came to my house to check the machine, and changed a setting that prevents me from changing the amount myself. Well, at least it’s still set for 1400.

I’m thinking I should change my dialysis clinic even though it’d be much further away. but then laziness makes me not want to change. But then, the nursing staff is trying to torture me… so, yea…