Shoulder Pain

I have been undergoing home peritoneal dialysis, every night, for the past 10 months. My doctor recently changed the PD prescription so that I would not have a last fill after the last drain. The change in prescription was applied to the cycler about a week ago. I started to experience shoulder pain (on both shoulders) within the past week subsequent to the change in my prescription. The pain occurs whenever I get up to go to the restroom or get up to get ready for work. The pain begins gradually within a couple of minutes of standing up and intensifies as the minutes go by. I don’t experience any shoulder pain when I am lying down in bed undergoing the PD treatment. I experience the shoulder pain at different intervals. It happens during the third or fourth dwell cycle or at the end of therapy session. But again, I only experience the pain after standing up. Can you offer any suggestions as to what I need to do? The pain does get pretty severe.