Sick on pd

My husband is 67. He has been doing pd for 3 weeks now. But he always get sick to his stomach.

He has been on different meds to help him. None are working and he is loosing weight.

Is the the norn.?


In most cases, nausea in a dialysis patient is due to uremia which is due to inadequate dialysis. If the type of dialysis that he’s doing isn’t removing enough toxins, he definitely could feel nauseated. When was the last time the clinic measured his dialysis adequacy (Kt/V)?

Has the clinic done a peritoneal equilibration test (PET) to see whether he’s a slow or fast transporter? This is usually done in the first 2-4 weeks of dialysis. The results of the test can tell which type of PD is best to remove toxins based on his body. Here’s a website from England that describes the test and what it means:

Is he doing daily CAPD exchanges (how many) or using the cyler to do overnight dialysis? It takes some time for people to get used to carrying extra fluid in their abdomen if they’re doing daily exchanges (CAPD) and sometimes that makes people feel full or feel like they don’t have an appetite. If someone is on CAPD (daily exchanges), it may help to drain, eat, and then fill after he eats to overcome the sense of fullness until he gets used to carrying the extra fluid. I’ve not heard a complaint of feeling full from patients using the cycler to do overnight exchanges. However, maybe a patient will post who can tell you if this is a problem for cycler patients as well.

Because PD removes more protein than other types of dialysis, people on PD need to eat more protein. If he is losing weight, he’s probably not eating enough protein. If he can’t get enough protein from the food that he’s eating, he may need protein supplements. The dietitian at his clinic should be able to advise you about what he can and should eat to start regaining the weight that he’s lost and possibly foods that he can eat that might be easier to digest.

Finally, did he have problems with nausea or GI problems before he started PD? You say he’s “always sick to his stomach.” Does his nausea last all day every day or is there any time that of day or some days that he isn’t nauseated? You state he’s been on different meds for it so it sounds like you’ve told the nurse and/or nephrologist. What do they say it is? If his dialysis adequacy is OK and he’s on the right type of dialysis to remove the most toxins, have they suggested that he see a GI doctor to rule out a GI problem.