Single- handed sharp needle extraction

Many will attest to early-day mishaps in terms of too early (or too late!) holding on extraction of needles leading to blood spillage and frustration at the close of a dialysis session. As with the entire HHD paradigm patience is key and here involves slow, watchful tugging on the luer cap as the needle is coaxed smoothly from its erstwhile lodging. A sterile swab, rolled into a tight little sausage will allow one to move it into position close by without obscuring the exact point the tip of the needle is about to exit from. This means there’ll be no need to hold the swab against the skin during extraction. A look at the fearfully sharp edges of the needle bevel (see image) should convince that any pressure exerted on those edges against flesh, skin or vessel will be prone to lacerate. Sure there may be some spillage if one waits for the needle tip to clear the orifice, - perhaps a 1/4 teaspoon or less as one gains timing skill with practice.

This is an interesting suggestion. There was a posting about this on the Home Dialysis Central Facebook group.

Thanks for posting Ant. At least here, there is a permanent, referrable copy of your technical hint to send people to, if the hint is pertinent to their problem.

Well thanks for that, I never considered lacerations during extraction. I use 14G blunts and wondered why sometimes my sites were sore after DX, they too have sharp edges.
There are many Nurses out there who “press before pulling”, this would lead to more damage to the fistula and less sites to use. I will talk to my unit manager about it as I know there are a few Nurses who do this.