Skin irritation

My buttocks and back are irritated and painful after each 4 hr dialysis
session…I have tried aloe,lac hydrin etc moisturisers,and foam and doughnut seats which are a bit helpful but I need a better solution.

Hi Sheldon,

First a note: This site is for HOME dialysis, not in-center, and this board is for professionals, not patients.

Complaints about dialysis chairs are legion–from what I can tell by examining the photos on-line, they don’t even seem to be designed for patient comfort (e.g., the backs are either straight or curve the opposite direction as the spine).

Any measures that are taken to prevent decubitus ulcers (bedsores) in general should be useful to you. Those might include trying different types of foam, possibly even putting a sheepskin on top of foam, shifting position as much as possible during the treatment, etc. You might ask the nurse for suggestions.

One of the benefits of short daily home hemo is that the treatments don’t last 4 hours, usually more like 2-3. One of the benefits of nocturnal home hemo is that you do it at night while you’re sleeping in your bed–no chairs needed. Doing PD would also free you from the need to sit in a chair for 4 hours at a stretch. You can learn about all of these types of home treatment on this site.