Sleep safe Harmony error

My son is on the Sleep safe harmony APD machine. We are having trouble with the machine now. It will stop on Cycle 6 and say device error. Last night on inflow of Cycle 2 it said device fault. Why? Never had this problem. Been sending the machine to the technician and they can’t find the fault. Fresenius said it’s definitely the machine. Swopped with another machine. Stopped on Cycle 6 before inflow. Please advise

Can your dialysis clinic or Fresenius share with you a user guide or troubleshooting guide for your machine? I have heard of patients with other cycler machines having to replace them more than once to get one that works correctly consistently. If the technician from your clinic or Fresenius is not finding anything wrong with the cycler, thinking outside the box, could something be overheating or in some other way tripping the power source?

We have received a new machine. The 3rd one. He is on 9 cycles with 1.5%. Final inflow with 2.3%. Now on cycle 8 the bags are bone dry. Nobody seems to know why this happens. I’m also at wits end with this continuous struggle. Any advice?