Slight confusion - tx=?

I’m slightly confused as to people’s abbreviated referal to tx, & other abbreviations.
I’ve learned and always used, tx for transplant (even surgeons use it) Hdx as an abbreviation for Haemodialysis , PD or CAPD, APD etc?

Confused I am!

Here’s a whole thread on abbreviations used that might be enlightening.

Here’s a search tool that lets you look up by abbreviation what it means. You’ll probably not be surprised to learn that the same letters mean multiple different things and sometimes it makes a difference whether they’re capitalized or not. I found many of the abbreviations that we use such as SDHD (short daily hemodialysis), HHD (home dialysis – I’d have said home hemodialysis) and all the types of PD (peritoneal dialysis) there, but didn’t find NHHD. I submitted it so hopefully they’ll add it.