Snap tap/air

Does anyone know, if after doing the snap tap procedure for NxStage tx, if some air was not gotten out, would the machine alarm?

Yes, on a couple of occassions I have had extra air in my arterial line when I first connected. The machine alarmed, I cleared the alarm, pressed the treatment button and everything was fine.

In my case the excess air rises to the top of the kidney and then pull it out with a 10 cc syringe. Then press go.

Thanks for the help. Do either of you recall which # alarm you got for this problem? Riverdude did you see a lot of air or just a few bubbles and have there been other times in a tx that you have noticed air in the top of the kidney and pulled it out? I have only seen air bubbles there one time and extracted them, but had a poor return that tx. I have wondered if I had noticed the bubbles sooner, if I would of had a better return.

How much air in the line would it take to cause a problem for the patient?? My understanding is it would take a huge bubble to hurt me, am I correct in this?

Alarm is 10 for venous air or 11 for arterial air. the 3 tubes that you have to seat when you install the cartridge are the air detectors. The air will collect in the highest point of the system, the top of the filter where the med port is. Don’t see how removing the air would negatively effect your treatment.

Generally not a lot of air, just what may have survived after my snap and tap. It never affects my run. Erich