So many boxes

hi again
i started my pd classes . and will be doing my pd at home soon.
i didn’t know that there was so many boxes of solution, and equipment.
i have boxes stacked up to the ceiling, 5 rows.
i just have enought room to get out of bed.
i will have to move some more thing out of my bedroom to set up a table.
how big of a table will i need for my daily pd supplys?
i never though that there was so much supply at once.
thank thepaintedhorse.

I’d suggest that you ask your PD nurse how many boxes of supplies you’ll be getting every month to find out if you received a one-month or two-months supply. It’s best when the clinic advises patients how much room they need to have available to store supplies and review the options for storage before someone chooses to do a home treatment. Do you have another place (closet or room) where the temperature is not too hot or cold that you could store some of the supplies so you have a little more room in your bedroom? I’d ask your PD nurse to show you exactly what supplies you will need to have at hand when you do a dialysis exchange so you can see the size of the surface area you will need.

Don’t worry you’ll go through those supplies quickly! Ask if you can have your deliveries every two weeks instead of every month - that will decrease the amount of space taken up. We do that is the patient doesn’t have too much space.

You’ll want the machine about the same height as your bed so using a nightstand would work fine. I put two nightstands together next to my mom’s bed and the machine sits on one and the other holds the 2nd bag and a lamp. She sits on the edge of her bed and can load the casette, spike bags and hook up. Then she slides into bed. It works for us this way. (well, when we were doing it, but that’s still a continuing story…lol) Anyway, I put some shelves in the closet so I can take the bags out of the boxes and place them on the shelf. It gives you more room with the bags out of the boxes and I can store a week’s worth with no problem. Our box supply is in the basement so it’s not too bad.