Solution drainage

Hi, I have been checking this web site often and find it very informative. I have been doing PD for approx. 18 months and am very pleased with this system.
My question is in regard to the actual disposal of the fluid. I drain into the shower at night and it has worked out great. However, we are on a septic system and needed to have that piping cleaned due to build up of the sugar solution. It becomes a gel-like substance in the pipes after a while.
Has anyone else had this problem and what is the answer. Perhaps some type of enzyme to put through the pipes periodically.
Thanks for any help.

I’d try using Rid-X, it has natural enzymes which work pretty well, it’s pretty reasonably priced, & available just about everywhere; although I don’t know if it would work down a drain pipe, it’s more suited to be flushed through the toilet.

I’d be concerned about putting my line in the shower, as the drain pipes aren’t very large. I had tried that, and after about 4 months the line got clogged. The plumber suggested taping it to the bottom of the toilet set, as the toilet gets more water flushed per day than a shower would. Since doing this, we haven’t had any problems.

Re. build up in drain. I have a 3/4 PVC line in the bedroom that goes to a sink in the basement. It is about 30 Feet long. In 3 or 5 days it will
clog up. The answer is to flush it with boiling water every 3 days. 3 pots from the tea kettle will do it. Followed by 3 or 4 Gal of just Hot water And or use Clorox.

I used to drain into a 20L jerry can. I emptied it into the toilet after each treatment, then rinsed the can out with bleach. Didnt have any problems.