Some good news?

Now it maybe against my bitter nature, but I may have to report some good news! I did a database query over at on the mortality rate for as far back as I could - I’m noticing a definite downtrend!

We are now around 1984 levels! Of course I have to ask why we aren’t below 1979 levels! (Dang, I just have throw cold water on things don’t I?)

But I am curious about what things might be causing the downtrend?

Home Dialysis or they are finally starting to wake up with Dialysis treatments, every other day. I do not understand why in the name of God, the cheap you know who’s do not push home dialysis, they would save a fortune. Say what you will about them, they know how to be CHEAP. Trust me, I have lived with and known CHEAP for 44 years: NDXUFan’s Dad: “Why eat at McDonald’s, when you can eat at home for FREE ???” The You Tube video is my Dad to a “T.”