Sorry second question ..piglets1

The nurse practionner wants me to start on a 2000 bag… my flushes right now are from 500-750 and after i feel like i did 100 situps…question is there was an extrememly heavy set male being trained also and he too was on 2000…how do they figure it out??? i am very thin and petite…putting that much in me i am going to feel 8months preg??? Currently i am on dialysis in clinic and each weigh in i do not gain…most ever is 1lb and that is very rare …so i can not understand why

The 2000 may be your clinic’s protocol, but it makes sense to point out that you are a smaller person. It can take time to get used to the fluid, and may be best not to start with the full 2000. (Maybe 1000, then 1500, then 2000 if you can tolerate it).

Usually after you train for PD and learn to do exchanges by hand, they will see if your peritoneum is suited for a cycler. If a cycler will work for you, there are lots of options for when and how much you fill that can let your doctor tailor your treatment to fit your life. Dr. Joanne Bargmann, a PD expert, wrote an article about this for us, and you can read it here: We also have an article about the peritoneal equilibrium test (PET), which is what your care team will use to see if a cycler will work for you.