Sourcing 3/5 inch sharp needles with 12 inch tubing

Jam currently establishing a new buttonhole. My nurse could only provide me with 3/5 inch needles with 8 inch tubing. The short length of the tubing means that it is impossible to connect my lines myself. Can you let me know of a company that makes 5/8 inch sharp needles with 13 inch tubing or a company that makes extensions for the lines. It it ludicrous that I should be disabled and reliant on someone else just because the tubing is too short.

Yes they do, a med system makes the 3/5 inch needle with 13 inch, anyone can call Kay Breagal at 1-763-498-8730 and she can point you to the business that can supply you with them. The other thing that you will needs to do is get a DR order for them that force the company to order them for you