Staff assisted home HD

Does anyone have this experience with this? I am a inpatient dialysis nurse and want more information about this. Hopefully this becomes an option in my area soon.

Do you use a next stage hd machine? Any information would be appreciated

Staff-assisted home HD is still pretty rare, since Medicare (and thus most insurance companies) don’t pay for it. This may change with the Advancing American Kidney Health initiative–or it may not. It makes sense to us to do a new pilot of this idea, or of paying home dialysis partners, as CMS has not done so since the '80s.

If you’d like to learn about staff-assisted home dialysis from folks who do it, your best bet may be to join our closed Facebook discussion group, which has about 5,100 members. I’m not sure if anyone there does this, but I know that some have in the past, at least…

There are several dialysis clinics and some companies that offer staff-assisted home dialysis. You can find some by searching Google for “staff-assisted dialysis.” Medicare doesn’t cover a home dialysis helper so patients who don’t have a volunteer helper need to have other insurance for coverage or be able to self-pay.