Stage 4 Kidney Disease diet

Is there anyone out there that can actually tell where there is a list of what patients in Stage 4 CKD can and cannot eat?
I’m having a heck of a time. I do need to lose more weight but would like to know what I can actually eat.
Thanks ahead of time.

Hi. Thank you for your post. There is really no such thing as a list of what to eat or not eat in stage 4 CKD (or any others stages). This is because everyone’s nutritional needs vary. The diet should be customized based on lab work, appetite, health condition, and other factors. Have you considered meeting with a registered dietitian who can provide you with a complete assessment and diet education? The clients I see in my office often feel similar as you. They know they should watch their diet, but do not know what to eat. They feel relieved to sit down with a dietitian and learn how to eat properly. I also recommend that you check out two websites: and The first is the website of the National Kidney Foundation, which offers general nutrition information in the “Patients” section. DaVita’a site is a good source of kidney friendly information and recipes. Good luck!

LeeAnn Smith, MPH, RD

It is very important to know about the food consumption details with the doctors whom we consult at the time of kidney treatment.Many hospitals provide dietitian service