Stand for NxStage

Can anyone tell me what type of stand works well for the NxStage? How tall should it be so the machine will be at the correct level to reach by one’s bed? How sturdy must it be to withstand the 70 lbs. NxStage weighs? Has anyone found a model with drawers/compartments for supplies or places to set food/drink?

Why in the world would you want a stand? NxStage System One already comes with a stand!

Checkout what I use…just a basic metal file cabinet with rubber top, just add an extension and you have a small table attached for food and other things…

I also use a file cabinet except mine is much wider so I can also put my centrafuge on the cabinet when it’s time to draw blood. I only draw blood once a month so the centrifuge stays in the closet until that time.

I don’t like having food and drinks close to my machine just because of possible contamination to the machine. Therefore, I keep a small table on the other side of my chiar for snacks, books, papers, etc.

My husband and I measured the height of the table we would need so I could hang the fluids easily. We went to an office furniture store and they were very helpful. My file cabinet is a Steelcase brand, 3 drawer. It has 2 small drawers on top and a long drawer at the bottom. It also has wheels so I can dialyze in other rooms if I so choose. It’s very portable.

Good Luck and keep searching until you’re satisfied with your selection.

Hey, would you have a picture for us to see how yours look like? …

Speaking about file cabinets am surprised how these little wheeled boxes work great with a NxStage! 8) …You can store your buttonhole needles in them and still have room for other items like reports, and what not food!..

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a remote control for the machine? Imagine controlling parameters with a remote…

I use this microwave cart from Target

I am the “nurse” so I wanted something high enough to be comfortable while standing which also had husky casters. This one serves our purposes well. It requires assembly.


What is the height of the NxStage so one might figure how tall a stand is needed in order for the patient to comfortably reach the machine by his bedside?

Their website gives dimensions of 15 X 15 X 18. Don’t know which is the height.

One thing to keep in mind is the need to raise 5 L. dialysate bags (11 lbs) to the top of a non-adjustable IV pole which attaches to the base plate of the machine. I’m about 6’-1" and using a 30" stand I’m raising those bags about as far as is comfortable above my head. Anyone much shorter should probably use a lower stand.


I use one of these… :lol:

For a patient doing txs on the NxStage should the patient’s upper torso/access arm be at a level about midway the height of the machine so he can reach the settings comfortably?

In my case, my resting arms on the recliner are at same height level as the file cabinet…see pic above…my head or eye level is the same level as the buttons or control panel of the NxStage System one…

Everyone is different and every patient going home with a NxStage System One need to find the right recliner, file cabinet or any stand that will best work for them…

It took me a week to find the right one for me…

Gus writes:

checkout what I use…just a basic metal file cabinet with rubber top, just add an extension and you have a small table attached for food and other things…

Your file cabinet stand looks very suitable. Lots of storage space for supplies. Not sure what you mean add an extension. In-center patients have sidetables connected onto chair. Wondering what home patients use in place of sidetables for preparing access and where do you put snacks or drinks?

I don’t use a NxStage, and I use my bed rather than a chair, but the best solution for me has been an adjustable height hospital bed table (like you eat on when you’re in hospital) and like they have at the dialysis centre (mine anyway). Even on the occasional tx in the dialysis centre (as for when I need to go in for a Transonic), I use that table rather than the side panel of the dialysis chair to do my needles. It’s the right height, plus there’s plenty of room for everything. On the side, I have some additional supplies of various things in a small rectangular basket (gauzes, sharp needles, alcohol swabs, etc.) in case I need them. I just put the basket on the bed, and after I’m on, I put it on the floor.


Yeahhh!!! For once Pierre and I do the exact same thing, down to the little wire basket!! I found my hospital table on Ebay, the same one they had in my training facility but $100 cheaper. Make sure you get a heavy duty one, I got a cheaper one and it was way too flimsy.


LOL, I’m glad we’ve found some commonality, Cathy :slight_smile:


You know Pierre (and everyone else), I think the fact that Pierre and I both have upper arm fistulas, buttonholes and Fresenius machines, yet do so many things differently, illustrates very clearly that there are many grey areas where there is no right or wrong answers. The few people on this list that seem to think there is one answer to things such as the “best” machine, “correct” way to buttonhole, “best” method of dialysis, “one” answer to diet and fluid questions, etc., should see these discussions as what they are, what is the best solution for the individual client.

I waste salt and often have a sodium of 128-130, this in spite of not limiting salt, running at a 142 sodium 6x a week and not peeing at all, I even try to eat a cup of noodles every day which is LOADED with sodium due to this problem. It has NOTHING to do with my machine, my diet, the number of hours I run etc. I also have a bit of trouble with phosphorus and still need a lot of binders, yet I do limit my phosphorus in my diet and run 6x a week, why??, we don’t know, but it is what happens to ME, others doing the exact same treatments need to add phosphorus.

self home dialysis 9/04

What is that water bottle on the floor for? I am new and looking at this as an option, I can’t do Pd so I want to learn all I can about this NxStage, so you don’t need no fancy wter system, and about the drain is that what you are using the water bottle for in the corner?, Sue

Why in the world would you want a stand? NxStage System One already comes with a stand!

Checkout what I use…just a basic metal file cabinet with rubber top, just add an extension and you have a small table attached for food and other things…


When a bathroom sink is used for the drain does it get messy/smelly or do you have a way of draining it so it doesn’t cause a problem? Can the bathtub be used for a drain?

Smells like Dolce & Cabana…har har har…jokingly…

Serioulsy, there’s no mess or no smells…best way it works is to stick the hose into the sink drain…not on the sink bowl but into the drain pipe…