Stand for NxStage

Is there a way for determining the height for a stand to put the NxStage on if the machine is being used beside one’s bed?

Would think the stand must be pretty sturdy if it is going to hold 75lbs. ?

Wheels a good idea?

Drawers a good option?

Where is the best place to buy a stand?


I have some steps in my house from room to room, so I wanted a fairly lightweight stand that could easily be moved. I am currently using a kitchen microwave stand which isn’t quite sturdy enough so will be ordering an a/v stand. A benefit of the a/v stand is that the plug will be in the stand making it possible to unplug without even getting up at the end of my run.

home hemo 9/04

Cathy wrote:

A benefit of the a/v stand is that the plug will be in the stand making it possible to unplug without even getting up at the end of my run.

I looked up a/v stands as I had not heard of it. Does yours have the open shelves and tempered glass? The ones I saw were not exactly light and couldn’t tell if they had wheels. Why do you need to unplug at end of run and how is the plug in the stand?

They aren’t exactly cheap, but I am ordering one that is adjustable height, made of plastic and with a second shelf. I don’t want doors as I want to be able to reach in.

The fan on the NxStage stays on all the time and is fairly loud. So I un plug the machine so it goes off and it is nice and quiet for sleeping. With the plug in the cart you also don’t have to worry about finding a convenient outlet and I can use one behind furniture etc.

home hemo 9/04

What supplies do you keep in your a/v? I have thought too that it could be a pain to try to wrestle items out of drawers, so an open shelf sounds like a good idea.

I didn’t know the fan on the Nxstage is loud. I thought someone else had said it was pretty quiet. There is no way to shut off the fan by pushing a button on the machine?

Loud is relative. I am a HoRRIBLE sleeper so any little thing wakes me, some people may think it is a nice white sound, but… Ithink most people unplug the machine.

I have a nice hospital table I purchased on ebay. On it I keep a nice wire basket that has my alcohol, tapes, tweezers, wipes, gauze, heparin and betadyne wipes. I also keep my instruction book and log sheets and pens on this table, oh and my hand sanitizer.

When I set up I grab my blue pad, needles and syringes and put them on the table. I keep these supplies in a drawer in my dresser.

On the stand shelf I will keep my cpap machine (I have recently been diagnosed with sleep apnea. I keep a couple of sharps in case I ever need them, a pair of pliers if I get a little too strong when connecting a connection and need help getting it off (although the new design is much better in letting you get a grip on the lines, haven’t needed the pliers since the new design), I think that is it.

Everyone has their own set up that works for them. It will take you a few weeks to figure out what set up works best for you.

home hemo 9/04

Thanks for explaining your set up Cathy. We want to be organized too and appreciate ideas now ahead of time instead of figuring all this out the week of training.

Another question I have for anyone is do the bags tear open similar to saline bags? And would any of the set up or machine operation be difficult for someone with joint pain in fingers?

Bags have a slit started which is simple to pull open. With regard to joint pain, clamps can be a bit hard to close off, but I have found that my finger pain lessened significantly after dialysis and the grew stronger so I have no problems.


Thanks for your help today Cathy. Glad your joint pain has lessened.