Started NxStage training

yesterday was my first day training on the NxStage and my first impression was how quiet the machine is. just a little “ticking” except for startup which is like a jet engine but not loud, just that sound.
all went well, alarmed a couple of times, once when I leaned across myself to get a magazine to read.
the machine actually sets the time according to your needs and my treatment took a whopping 2:13. when it was finished it was finished, cleanup takes getting rid of the empty bags and throwing away the cartridge.
do I think I’m in love? only time will tell but it sure beats the way I’ve been doing things.

[b]Wow, congrats on your first day…the days I trained I remember the most common alarm was the 21 and 88…with 88 being some kind of random software glitch at setup time…only happens when it felt like it …

2:13…not bad at all…very nice, I averaged at 2:09 but decided to go for about 2 1/2 hours which is the minimum suggested…

Thanks for sharing and let us know more along the way… if possible, post us a picture…[/b] :smiley: