Started NxStage Training!

Well, we finally made it! My husband and I started training on the NxStage this past Monday. For anyone thinking about trying it–go for it. After only 1 treatment, my husband felt alot better. He wasn’t freezing, he did not have that unquenchable thirst, he didn’t feel tired. Now after day 5, he says he feels better than he has in years. We went shopping for the past 2 days AFTER dialysis. We’re training at the Lillian Booth Dialysis Center in Westwood, NJ. We have to drive 1h, 20m to get there but it’s worth every minute of it. The staff that we are working with are incredible, just beyond helpful! We also had the advantage of having a rep from Nx Stage with us for the first 4 days, she was great also. Simply cannot believe how much we have learned already. What was terrifying on Monday was very manageable today. My husband is self-cannulating since Monday, we did the treatment today and felt almost competent!
We are really excited to get back to the center on Monday to continue (can’t say I ever thought we would be looking forward to a dialysis treatment) Thanks for all the encouragement from you folks, I haven’t posted much this past year due to the roadblocks we kept running into–mainly insurance problems! Was just too discouraged to say anything!! We have gotten the best Christmas present ever–we’ll be able to be doing treatments at home by mid January and have been so fortunate to meet and work with the great people at the Lillian Booth Dialysis Center. Will let you know when we start at home.

Hurray! Congrats to both of you! …that sure is the best Christmas present you even got!.. its great to hear that both of you are managing much sooner than I thought. That really is great to hear…

Both of you enjoy the holidays! Merry Christmas and Happy Year!

Wonderful news!!! and thank you so much!! My husband will probably train on the NxStage within the next year at a clinic in Atlanta. Like you, we are apprehensive about doing home hemo – but your post adds to the good things we’ve learned here. I’m going to copy and send him your post, which I know will help alleviate some of his apprehension. Glad you got some good staff assistance too – I know that had to make it so much better!

Please update as you go along and thanks again for sharing your positive experience :smiley: