Statistics for how many use FR for nocturnal txs at home

I don’t suppose there are any statistics for this, but I wonder how many actually do use FR nocturnally at home in this country? Likewise, I wonder how many do long txs nightly with NxStage.

I don’t know, but DaVita just reported this today:

DaVita reaches 1,000 nocturnal dialysis patients
9/1/2009 10:07:53 AM
DaVita Inc. announced its nocturnal dialysis patient population has reached a milestone, with 1,000 patients having received treatment in more than 90 DaVita centers around the nation.

Introduced at DaVita in July 2004, nocturnal dialysis is a form of treatment that allows patients to dialyze in-clinic while sleeping overnight - offering kidney care patients the freedom to receive renal replacement therapy while still maintaining a full and active schedule by day, even allowing patients to continue working.

Since that’s in-center, it’s probably Fresenius equipment. Fresenius also dialyzes folks in-center at night, using…Fresenius equipment. There’s a total of ~3,000 (at last count; probably more now) folks doing home HD of any type, and I’d also love to know how many are doing nocturnal–on whatever equipment!