Steel Socks

It seems like im wearing a steel sock. Half-way down my calf my leg is normal, then it gets hard on the inside of right leg. it feels like " Stretch Armstong " material. I can press my fingers in and the indentions will remain for hours.The site burns time from time. My doctor doesnt know what it is, but he says it`s from dialisis.My doctor says he has seen this in other patients. Anyone have any information on this?

Hi Jessie,

What you describe sounds like “pitting edema.” Edema means fluid build-up in your tissues. When you can press on your leg and an indentation stays, you have too much fluid in your body and it is pooling in your legs. Not sure why your doc wouldn’t know what this is… Any nurse would.

Are you on PD? If so, talk to your nurse about your fluid levels; you may need to be using a higher concentration solution. If you are on hemo, your dry weight may need adjusting, and if your doctor can’t give you a good answer, you might need to find a new doctor.

It’s hard to tell whether the burning is just from the extra fluid sstretching out your tissues or if you might also be developing some neuropathy (nerve toxicity that can cause burning pain in the feet or hands).

I do have neropathy.I have had both of my legs (roto-rootered) Parapheal angiogrammed. I had blockage in both legs.So now I really feel my Gout, and the cold puffyness of my toes.I am on PD.My Doctor is the most kind and caring person. I trust him 100 Percent.Thank You for replying so fast.

I really don’t think it’s fluid build up due to the fact that it is still there when I am not retaining fluid.It is more of a dry dark patch.

Have you had a doppler study of your lower legs? It’s possible that your blood flows down OK but then pools because it doesn’t flow back very well. You might want to ask your doctor or home training nurse about getting special support stockings to keep the blood from pooling in your lower legs.