Sticking the venous


After my husband returned from the hospital, I have had trouble sticking the venous. The nurse said maybe they came too close when they dialyzed him in the hospital and messed up the tracks. I have been able to start a new buttonhole in the arterial–it has always been easy to stick. But I have so much trouble with the venous! And the nurse noticed this week what I have tried to tell them for so long–it wiggles or moves.


OK i finial got a pass word reset. Two question on the wiggle vein. one do you cannualted, and what position is the arm in ,on his lap ares some other area, along his side? and what needles are you using manufactures name


OK got it , have him squeeze a rubber ball just as you are putting the needles in the buttonhole track, and stretch his arm out as munch as possible this makes the vessel straight and will not wiggle. Use" touch cannulatiuon". For further help google
“Cushion cannulation” a fistula first best practice


On a pillow, along by his side. Needles are Nipro.


How to access a I am having trouble.


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