Storage for pd supplies

What are you using for supply storage? Tape, sponges, caps, masks etc. Thing about a small cart. Thanks

I’m using a tall narrow lingerie chest in the room I dialize in. It can handle several weeks of needles,syringes, chucks, alcohol pads, lab supplies etc.

You might want to consider joining the Home Dialysis Central Facebook group. People have posted pictures of how they store supplies for PD and HHD. This is a members-only group and you must answer questions to be admitted. Because it’s not a public group, what you write will stay in the group and not be read by others.

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You will need a large unit in your room next to your bed. The unit has to be higher than your bed to avoid issues. I kept all my supplies outside in a garage but brought a weeks supplies in every Sunday ready for the next week. I kept the bags of fluid under the unit (it was like a desk with drawers and shelves) and the cassettes and attachments for the machine in the drawers. I had carpet in my bedroom and put down a towel there is not that much mess unless a fluid bag splits (this only happened twice in two years to me, you just learn to run fast to the bathroom) if you have a bathroom near you can put the drain pipe directly into the toilet I had the special drain bags just remember to close the plug! if you forget you will only forget once! thats it nothing more to it.