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Just recently I’ve trialed a unique device that I didn’t believe would really sooth the stress heck out of you, so I share this with you as I met many dialysis patients coming all over from the nearby towns and cities who come just to get a chance to use this free trials…

It’s called “Ceragem” and you can get free trials as long as their giving them with no restrictions at all…a full body massage system that some Chiropractors call it a wonder machine…

Checkout their site for locations on their free trials…


Stress is a common problem in today’s society, even when someone doesn’t have kidney failure and dialysis to deal with. Massage, yoga, relaxation/meditation tapes, and counseling can all help reduce stress.

Here’s a fact sheet from the National Mental Health Association that offers tips for dealing with stress.

Ceragem has very bad customer service. Don’t buy!! Just try it in the store.

That’s what I do, just go in there and get the free trials!! 8)

In the center i go to, Back to Chi, in Norther Virginia, I actually talked to a person who got off her dialysis by using the Ceragem beds.

She apparently had kidney failure as a result of lupus. She started using the ceragem bed at Back to Chi, and then bought the bed and used it 3-4 times a day.

She went from 3 dialysis session/week to 2 sessions / week, to once a week to once every 2 weeks…and then her doctor took her off.

I think the center has her video tape (since they were taping her story). You can contact them and ask for it if interested. Their website is www.backtochi.com

She was so excited about the bed, that she raised money and donated a bed rental program to another person on Kidney dialysis.

This stuff is powerful…

The Ceragem-C Thermal Massager was FDA approved on 7/28/2004 as a Class II medical device. It’s application stated that it’s uses are for:
– temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain, and stiffness
– the temporary relief of minor joint pain associated with arthritis
– the temporary increase in local circulation where applied
– relaxation of muscles

Believe me, I understand the value of heat and massage for stress reduction and muscle and joint pain and I enjoy a good massage now and then. However, after working with people with kidney disease for over 25 years, many of whom have had massage and chiropractic treatments, none got off dialysis as a result – although many reported improvement in stress and aches and pains.

Ceragem’s application and FDA approval does not mention this device as treatment for kidney failure. You report a case of a woman who bought this physical therapy table and used it 4 times a day to reduce the number of times she needed dialysis a week and was eventually able to get off dialysis. If you’re reporting on a real person real person and if she did get off dialysis, I suspect the recovery of her function and her use of this device was purely coincidental. She must have had “acute” (reversible) vs. “chronic” (irreversible) kidney failure.

The scientific evidence for the physical benefits of manipulation of the body through massage and chiropractic are limited. The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine reviewed studies, found them to be lacking in design, numbers of patients, and proof of measurable outcomes. They recommend that further study is needed (http://nccam.nih.gov/health/backgrounds/manipulative.htm).

I hope that the visitors to this site will not pay attention to unproven claims by people, especially those that don’t register and let you know who they are. By the way, companies have gotten in trouble with the FDA and had to pay huge fines for making false and misleading claims.

I’ve been using for quite sometime now and one of my sisters already bought one, not for treating kidney problems but for full body massaging. Little by little the rest of my family are getting good results with it.

However, they won’t sell it to you just like that. They expect you to try it for at least a month and watch instructional videos while your there. They wanna be sure it works for you before you make the decision to buy.

Just like Beth says, this is not a device to treat kidney disease and be aware of that.

Don’t be tempted to buy it to treat kidney disease… :roll:

:frowning: Don’t like the Ceragem in Wheaton–loud and salesy, my mom likes the one in Baltimore allot–called Forever Young. Some of the other centers are just sales people and do what Ceragem tells them. Some good, some bad.

:smiley: I’ve been going to Back to Chi in Alex., VA– independent from Ceragem, but they have the chi bed there-and some other good quality things. They have great service–nice and intelligent. Lots of doctors and nurses comming in. Back to Chi does and conveys loads of research and have many more services and products in addition to the chi bed. It’s a real healing center with no sales pressure. They have no binding sales contract so they do their own work. kidney patients or those w/other difficult health problems get much faster results when they use the bed twice a day or more. Thats how that woman journalist got off kidney dialysis–she bought one and used it at home. Maybe you could go to two different centers each day. Felt sore at the beginning, but feeling loads better each day. Really good stuff.

Hi y’all,

Jan wrote:

kidney patients or those w/other difficult health problems get much faster results when they use the bed twice a day or more. Thats how that woman journalist got off kidney dialysis–she bought one and used it at home.

As Beth posted earlier, this device CANNOT help someone “get off of dialysis.” If someone was able to stop dialysis, it was most likely because she had acute kidney failure that resolved in time (which can happen), not because of this bed.

We can’t allow Home Dialysis Central to become a place where doubtful “remedies” for kidney failure are marketed. If I see a post to this thread that says such a thing again, I will delete the entire thread. A massage chair is fine. A “cure” for kidney failure is not.

Dori, just delete Jan’s message…she’s not registered… :stuck_out_tongue:

The Texas Attorney General’s Office went undercover and confirmed that Ceragem centers are making illegal promises of miraculous healings with continuous subliminal soft sales telling them that they need to own a bed. See http://www.oag.state.tx.us/oagNews/release.php?id=1156 . The chanting almost me nautious - those salesmen are disturbed, but i guess if its selling beds for them than they do it. Most people don’t realize that they’re in a constant sales pitch when theyre there.

The AGs Office shut all of the Ceragem centers in Texas down and made them refund money to anyone who purchased a bed and wanted a refund. Rumor has it that other Ceragem centers across the US are under investigation.

I personally feel great after using the thermal massage beds though. I sleep better, I’m happier, more motivated, and I can feel the increased blood circulating in my body. I can do without the constant soft-sales or “education” as they call it though, but the massages are great. I’ve used the Migun and Nuga beds as well as the Ceragem. Nuga is the bed to use if you’re lucky enough to have one of their centers in your area.

Oh wow, those salesman need to be strapped to a Ceragem until they’re healed, har har har… :oops:

On the other hand, you really gotta be careful on what you hear out of the mouths of any dealer, salesman…their goal is to sell and they’ll do anything or say anything just to sell…no matter where you confront a salesman or dealer they have one goal, and that’s to sell sell sell…

The information Ceragem has on their site shows no illegal promises, but simply they hired the wrong people to do the job…