Student help, would anyone be willing please


i am a student nurse and am at present doing study around peritoneal dialysis. I dont want to feel like an intruder but would anyone be able to help me with my topic please?

thanks :wink:

What kind of help are you looking for? What aspect of PD is your project related to? More detail is needed here…

hi guest

i’m looking at what service provision is available for a person who has end stage renal failure & is about to commence on peritoneal dialysis.


What do you mean by “service provision”?

Have you read about the different types of dialysis on the Home Dialysis Central home page? It’s under Types of Dialysis. There is even a chart that compares all the types of dialysis. There are two types of PD and patients can be taught in 1-2 weeks to do either one totally independently. You can read the Medicare FAQs and they explain coverage for PD as well as HD.

Other sites include:
– Kidney School ( that was developed by Medical Education Institute who administers this site
– Kidney Directions ( which is sponsored by Baxter, one of the suppliers of PD equipment.

You might want to read about PD on PubMed where there are abstracts of published journal articles. From Home Dialysis Central home page, look under Research for links to PubMed articles on PD outcomes and cost.

thanks alot beth, will read them now. And