Study: Hemodialysis patients treated in for-profit centers have higher hospitalization rate

This study reports data collected from 2005-2008 and the authors report that there are baseline differences in patients treated in for profit and nonprofit clinics (some better and others worse in one vs. the other). I am not trying to make excuses for clinics that have high hospitalization rates, but it would be worse if patients who heart failure, volume overload, and/or vascular access complications weren’t hospitalized when they needed to be because in today’s pay-for-performance climate clinics were trying to make their data look better than it is. Just something to think about…


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Home Dialysis Central relies on clinics that offer home dialysis to add/edit their listings on the Find a Clinic database. The database lists Clarian IU Hospital but doesn’t say this facility offers nocturnal home dialysis. Please ask your home training nurse to check out Find a Clinic and add/edit the listing for your facility. This will help patients find your clinic when they’re looking for their preferred treatment.