Swelling under dialysis

my dad is undergoing dialysis through his arm. The problem started when he got lot of swelling in his arm. The doctor did the surgery twice to put a stunt in his arm but everytime it’s leading to swelling of his arm. They found that swelling is from blood. Is there any risk of getting blood clot? Is this normal?Dr now says that they have to stop the dialysis through hand. I heard that home dialysis could be done through stomach. what kind of home dialysis would be best and easy for him? note that he is diabetic and physically very weak. Iwill be very glad if you can answers my questions.

Perhaps your reffering to ballooning or aneurysm, if that’s the case mine is ballooned and big. That’s how they get after sometime. However, if you mean unusual enlargement then that’s another problem…

Dialysis through stomach, PD or peritoneal dialysis is what you might be reffering to…take a look at this thread for more info about PD