System One CAR-170/171 Cartridge

Received a mailout from NxStage that their new cartridge is on the way in a few weeks. Is this the one that corrects the #14 alarm problem?


We received the same bulletin about the new cartridge… 170/171… I think it is the one that would improve the chances of not seeing the #14 alarm… Since switching to the Pureflow SL we DO NOT SEE THE #14 ALARM any more even with dialysate flow rate as low as 2.8… This new cartridge is for Pureflow users… NO Fluid warmer disposable sets… it has to be ordered separately… we will have to try using bags with the fluid warmer and see if it did resolve the #14 alarm…Planning on a trip for two weeks around the 4th of July… and will be using bags then…


I did get the flyer as well, its something quite impressive…this shows proof that NxStage listens and improves its products…its one of the reasons that all of you need to fuss about anything, no matter of embarrasing it is, so feedback is very important. Keep in mind each one of you will have a different complaint than the next patient and NxStage wants to know…no matter.

Anyway, here I share the flyer on the new cartridge…credits go out to one of our members on NxStage Users Group for providing a digital version of it…