Tablo Hemodialysis Machine

I’m trying to learn how to use it before I start my rounds in a hospital that uses it. Wondering if you guys have experience?

Mainly my question is, if it was made for home dialysis and i was told the options for blood flow rates are only 100-300 ml/min and the dialysate flow rates are 100-300 ml/min, so does this mean we should order rates in terms of 3:1 (as in Next stage?) or is it different all together?

You might want to join the Home Dialysis Central Facebook group (members-only closed group). You have to answer a few simple questions before you can be admitted. There are patients who have experience with the Tablo.

Here’s a blog by one of the members who tried out the Tablo. She is active with the patient advocacy group Home Dialyzors United.