Technical Support

For those of you in home programs, can you share what you were told by your doctor and unit management about the technical support you would receive, and has the support been true to what you were told?

How often does your machine need maintenance and do you get back up txs at your unit when your machine is down?

Would like to hear the reality of how well your company supports you in home programs.

So far it’s been very well for me. NxStage has excellent support…they have phone support and even support over email…

Any technical support issues are directed to NxStage and not my dialysys clinic, they only handle training support, updates, and monthly lab work.

Even tho we are 5 hrs away from our center we get excellent support. Machine maintenance done on schedule. Repairs handled usually the next day. Yes, if needed backup dialysis in clinic is provided.

We have the same center as Marty and we too have excellent support.
Just today I thought I did something to the RO and made a call to the center. They had the person on call give me a call and we talked it through. THANKFULLY it was ok. But the support was great!
This past Thursday we were set up with a new CPU for monitoring and they were here until 7:30 making sure it worked. We needed to dialize that night and everything went off without a hitch.