Teleconference About Home Dialysis 8/20 - Tell Your Friends Who Aren't on Home Dialysis About It

The Heartland Kidney Network (Network 12), Northwest Renal Network (Network 16), and Medical Education Institute (MEI) are sponsoring a teleconference for patients with home dialysis experts (nephrologist, home nurse, Network staff, and patient representative) this Sunday (July 20):
• 4 p.m. Eastern
• 3 p.m. Central
• 2 p.m. Mountain
• 1 p.m. Pacific
• noon in Alaska
• 10 a.m. in Hawaii

Register by calling Sharlyn Bogner at 816-880-1706 or email her at The Heartland Kidney Network is moving and extended the deadline to register to July 17 at 5:00 p.m. CDT.

Once you’re registered, to access the teleconference, call 888-537-7715 and enter 63999479# when prompted for the code.