Thanks Folks

Hi Everyone

I’m sure some on this page will know these words, What a long space trip it’s been,

To Dori and Beth.
Keep up the good work. This page is a great site for real talk on real issues. I like the fact that Beth and Dori keep a good eye on things. The thing I like most is that they will lock or shut down a thread that gets out of hand.
One idea would be a something that lets folk save as draft a post that they may be working on, if there is one I could not find it. But I’m some what slow.

To Bill
You doing great work on behalf of people on dialysis. ( I still think some kind of fine to centers that have x # of complaints). Iwill continue to write to my elected folks in PA.

To everyone I wish all you the best.

I need some time to get my head in order. I found my self looking to much to getting on thses pages. I need to take some time and finish my work on my house, and other programs. It was my own fault. It was the fact that this page is very good at helping people.

I look to the day that I come back and talk once more with everyone

Peace Out Folks