The scrible thing

Im really suprised some times that people can even post on this site I can hardley make out the little scrible you have to right out to post your message and most Dialysis pts have Diabities and cant see that good is that thing really nessisary??

Not quite sure what you’re talking about, Jason. There’s a text box you post messages in, and the size of the type you see can be changed in your browser. Then there’s a “Submit Reply” button under the text box. Nobody else has had any problems.

I do have a bit of trouble understanding your posts because of the spelling, though. What some folks do is compose messages in their word processing programs, where they can spell-check, and then just paste them here. That might make it easier for you if you’re having trouble with the boards.

In case you think I’m maligning your intelligence because of your spelling, please be assured that I’m not. One of my daughters can’t spell worth a damn, and she’s probably the smartest one in our family. There is zero correlation between spelling and intelligence.

I know somtimes I just write and post but I will try the word paste idiea The thing Im talking about is that little bow were you try to repeat the numbers letters. I chart alot too so I really tend to ramble on we have a system spelling check. anyway have a good one

I think jason is referring to the security question unregistered posters have to answer - it’s text optically disguised - and there is often a similar security hoop to register but I thought there was a ADA option.

Once you register there is no more scribble thing.

Ohhh, I get it, Bill. Jason, he’s right. If you sign up for our site, you don’t have to do the visual confirmation thing, where you type in a series of letters & numbers. That’s purely a spam-protection device, and it’s working, so we don’t want to change it. You don’t have to use a real name if you don’t want to.

Also, if you register, you’ll get emails when someone replies to something you post, which is kind of handy. :smiley:

3.6.5 is out already… 3.6.4 has a minor security hole…

P.S. Viva VBulletin! Hahaha

You rock, Gus! Thanks again for suggesting V-Bulletin. It’s pretty much eliminated spam and saved us thousands of person hours by now.

Dori, that’s really wondeful! I am glad its working great…I could have suggested a few other good boards but this one here has been the original all time favorite by many people using it.