They are thinking of having George go empty

Hi All,
They are thinking of having George go empty during the day - he does 4 x 88 minute
exchanges during the night on APD. Sometimes he drains out manually during the day and feels more comfortable - the Dr knows, says that is OK.
When he drains out during the day he always gets 2.2L out, he has 1.7L in his last Inflow.
By the night time when he connects to the machine he usually only get 1.2 to 1.4 L, so he has absorbed the rest, is that quite common? He is only on 1.5% bags as he gets dehydrated if he uses anything stronger. Sometimes he gets a bit dehydrated when he is empty so he has to drink a lot. We are going to Singapore in January, (from Australia) to visit our son who lives there so we want it all ironed out before we go. We are told he has to fly empty too, the flight is 8 hrs. Has anyone travelled while on APD? He is on a Fresenius machine.
Would like to hear from more people on APD and those that have travelled and also dry during the day. Thanks for your post Sharon and also anyone else who has answered, would love to hear from you.
Elaine 39

Elaine -
I’m no longer on dialysis, I had a transplant in May of '06 - but I “pop in” occassionally to see how all are fairing. Just wanted to let you know, when I was on PD, I was dry during the day also. Actually, it was much more comfortable for me - I hated the constant full feeling - but my body was absorbing some of the fluid during the day. Once changed to being dry during the day - things went much smoother. He will also need to avoid the first drain on cycler, his PD nurse can instruct him on this.

Hope it helps

KTX 5/16/06