Tidal peritoneal dialysis low drain volume alarm

Hello, my mother just started in home dyaslia. Shes a slow drainer so they put her on tidal treatment. She does 5 cycles. Every might on first cycle the akarm goes iff and says low drain volume. Every 10 mins goes ofc until eventually we push red the. Gree. My sister and i have not a clue.what to do. We havent called the clinic because on away i think mom is causing it. She just had to have surgery and have it reposition. She hasnt had it 3 months. Just f inished classes on it. The reason is we see her push on the catheter hard i mean really hard to get herself to drain, and she s Constipation. She dont think she is but they have ger on a high dose of laxative. And she not drinking enough water in my opinion. I know this is harsh to comperhend, we dont know if its for sympathy or she dont want to live. My sister and o are worried now this alarm goes off every 10 mins until finalky we push the red button . Eventally we push red then green but dont know if we should or not. What can we do ? I know them alarms shouldnt go off like that way. And could she have pushed the catheter out of position?

I would recommend calling the home training nurse and telling her what you wrote here. It sounds like there are several issues here, not the least of which is that more training is needed, not only for your mother but for anyone who is helping her with her dialysis. Constipation seriously affects draining as does kinking a line. Sometimes placement height of the machine compared to the bed can make a difference. Drinking more water, if more than her fluid limit, could be dangerous as fluid overload can affect breathing and heartbeat. Bottom line, her nurse needs to know what’s happening to be able with her kidney doctor to troubleshoot how to correct these issues.

Thank you, im sure alot us constipation and not drinking enough… she has cut herself down on the constipation medd because she dont like going all the time,and dont like full feeling if water. I try to tell her its me thats gaving to get up and do alarm.it is getting better i guess. Thank you for your advice. I appreciated it.