Tip stop bandage

Has anyone used a special bandage called a Tip Stop to stop the bleeding
after the needles are taken out of the fisula. A nurse told me about them and I am unable to find them on line…

If anyone has heard of them can you tell me the manufacturer and
where they can purchased


I used something similar called SureSeal when I was in-centre for over 2 years, until I started training for home hemo. It’s a “compression dressing”, which expands to seal the needle hole better.



The nurses who trained me don’t use them for home hemo because it’s hard to put them on right when you’re doing it yourself with one hand. I guess where there’s a will, there’s a way, but I find it easier to just use gauze and tape.


I’ve used Tip Stop before, its very very good! It must be enpensive…

hello all, where we are in training for home dialysis the nurse’s dont like to use the tip stops, mainly due to cost, here they are around $3.00 each. i think i would prefer to use just normal gauze, which we do now. if it works for you then your lucky.

I use gauze and tape too. I dont see it necessary to use some expensive bandaid unless you really bleed like anything. I used to use the gambro bandaids but they give me a bad rash.

My 88 year old Father is on dialysis.He had trouble with excessive bleeding after needle removal. It was so hard for him to put pressure on the exit site for a long peroid of time…
Then I heard about “Hemo pads”, they’re made out of seaweeds, and work great!!! They’re very inexpensive too! You can even cut them in half to save money… Just thought I would pass this along. I feel that all clinic should provide
the Hemo Pads,saves time for the patient and the staff…[/i][/b]

I found them on ebay and online made by Gambro and baxter