hey i have been doing nocturnal dialysis for about a month i am still tired especially after a meal how long did it take to feel less tired? and have any male had soreness in their breast near the nipple?

I would give it another month, based on my own experience. This kind of dialysis is better in many ways, but it’s still dialysis and you still have kidney failure. So, I wouldn’t necessarily expect 100% improvement for everything.

I started nocturnal hemo about the same time we started a long heat wave here which lasted most of June, July and August. I found it very tiring.

Make sure you eat enough or you will get depleted and feel drained. You probably need more protein than before. Also drink enough. Once I started nocturnal after 2-1/2 years on regular hemo, it took a few weeks to get out of that mindset of not eating things and not drinking more than a litre a day. I actually had to work on it, because I found that my sensation of thirst just wasn’t there at first. Check with your own doctor or dietician though. I only know what worked for me, not others.


Pierre, I thought I understod you to say in past posts that SDD and SND improves appetite. So, are you saying here, that it does, but one still has to work at it?

Appetite does improve. What I meant is that at first, I was still a bit hesitant to eat things that were severely limited for me before. I needed a few sets of lab results before I fully believed it. If there is one thing that improves, it’s appetite!

I don’t remember how long you were on regular dialysis, Pierre but you’re right, when you do the restrictions on liquid and K and phosphorus for such a long time, your body resists the change to eat normal.

As far as the nipple thingee, Terry, if I may bo so bold. and I’m assuming your a guy as I.
Yes, 10 or more years ago…and I even went and had a mamogram !!! that was something for the Memory trash shute…Nothing was in evidence…But whatever it was eventually went away…even though I still get notices every now and then to come in for my yearly breast checkup, Ms. Guillaume !!!