Tmp low alarm. Looking for some advice please

Hi all.

I’m after some advice. My mum is on home dialysis and is having trouble with a tmp lower alarm.
She was using an fx120 and the Tmp would bottom out, so we switched to an fx100. It would be fine for a few weeks then the problem would arise again. We then moved to the 210h dialysed which was fine for a month or so, but is now having the same issue.she is on 1.5Mg of heparin to combat clotting. This used to be a 6Mg of heparin but we have been decreasing this gradually, and is now on 1.5Mg for a 3 hour session. There seems to be no correlation to the dose of heparin, as she did a 4 hour session on 1.5Mg and there were no problems. The limit on the machine is set at - 50 Tmp so we spoke to the dialysis nurse and he recommended changing back to the fx100 but the tmp went up to +70, and then dropped to - 50 within 30 minutes.
After some advice as we cannot seem to find any information on low Tmp problems.
Thank you in advance.

I would query the efficiency of your machine and rather have a technician re-calibrate it or check out its consistency. The link below may offer some pointers.

I’ve had alarms from TMP bottoming out. It was checked by a professional who didn’t do anything but the problem disappeared.