To Doris AVF Jessie

Hi Dori

Jessie’s dad here … jess .is in school… John Agar and Andreas Pierratos are of the same opinion and that is without seeing the arm …Jessie should be ready for dialysis … age has a lot to do with thier summation he’s 18 …he has had the fistula (side to end) since Oct 30th… great thrill… purrs like a finely tune engine I’m sure that his neph upon returning from San Diego will want Jessie on dialysis … like pronto… his numbers are off the map ! Been in direct contact with Humber ,T.O. General and London… Humber is at the top of the list… nocturnal is #1… bar none… as you can see we are in Canada , Sudbury Ontario although we are in northern Ontario, Toronto is not out of my reach, and they want to see him ASAP. Jessie has a fantasic team of who’s who in nocturnal and home dialysis in place.

Thing certainly have changed since Anne ,Jessie’s mom, had her transplant in london 11 years ago. Jessie has Alport’s wev’e known since he was 12 , but you would never suspect he has kidney failure… everything started going downhill in January.

Hopefully we have all pepared Jessie well enough, if that is at all possible!

Richard C/O Jessie

Hi Richard,
Was Jessie’s Mom on Dialysis before her transplant?

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