Translant waiting lists

I am a pd patient living in canada, i have been on pd for 8 months and have still not ben listed for a transplant. my question is what is the average wait time to be listed for a transplant.

To be listed for a transplant you need to be referred to a transplant program and undergo a series of tests to be sure that you are healthy enough physically and mentally to be a candidate for a transplant. If you have not been referred to a transplant program yet, talk with your nephrologist and ask for a referral.

Being evaluated for a transplant does not require that you have to go through with a transplant if you are not ready when you get the call and it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get a transplant. There are too few organs available for the numbers of people that need them and tissue matching is a factor. You might want to talk with the transplant team about organ matching in Canada and how long a wait it is in your area for someone with your blood and tissue typing. If you have a willing living donor, that could make it possible to get a transplant faster if both you and your donor are healthy and if he/she matches your tissue typing well enough.