Travel to st maartin


last august I had contact the fmc travel center to set up dialysis treatment for feb 2019
I have tried to contact them and the last report I had was either they cannot make an apt for feb in jan or the time in jan. I have called numerous times no one to give me an answer
the final pymt is due end of Dec. I have called the company again to see if anyone can get me any answers that has been 10 days ago
I have never ever had a travel agency been this terrible
I have tried to call the dialysis center direct after many transfers they say the cannot help
tried contacting the lions club they only give me the telephone number
is there anyother agency that can assist me


The hurricane last year destroyed or damaged many structures on St. Maarten. I can’t find on the Internet whether the I found that there is a dialysis clinic at the St. Maarten Medical Center. The phone number and an email address to the main hospital are on this page. The phone number for the hospital is +1 721-543-1111. I believe the phone extension for the dialysis clinic is 1601.

Or you can message the hospital through its Facebook page.

Be sure to ask about the cost of dialysis and check with your insurance to see if it will pay for dialysis in St. Maarten. Medicare will not pay for dialysis outside the U.S. If you have a Medigap plan, check with your plan to see if it will pay for dialysis there. Some Medigap plans have foreign travel insurance. Here’s information about that coverage.


they have no availability for Feb 2019, they are so booked that they are even cancelling cruise persons
hoping to build on by early next year, now to see if we can take the nxstage machine with us and get supplies delivered to the hotel; working with Nxstage and the dialysis center will keep you posted