just looking for some suggestions about traveling. I have been doing home dialysis for almost two years and this is my first trip. just looking for some help from people that travel on dialysis. not the next stage but go into units. very stressfull. I am hoping I get to do a lot of my set up anyone ever travel and brought their own supplies. help

Do you put in your own needles?

For the last six years I have brought my own supplies when visiting a dialysis unit (before that I self-cannulated but would use their supplies). I use buttonhole needles which are not often available. Since I had to bring the needles I got into the habit of bringing all my supplies. I bring tape, 4x4s, the BP cuff I use to partially occlude the fistula, everything I need to get my needles in (video); once the needles are in I let the staff person finish by connecting me to the machine.

I’ve found that the staff appreciate not having to stick an unfamiliar fistula and are willing to give me some credit because of my demonstrated ability to take care of my self.

The experience of going to a clinic to get your dialysis treatment can be very stressful… After being home for about two months we went on a trip to Puerto Rico for a week (Company sponsored sales meeting). Had a Rental car and drove to the clinic and was rather impressed with the staff and treatments received there. Very good experience… it was like going to the clinic that we were using before switching to NHHD.

Then on anothe trip to visit my partner’s daughter in New York CIty for two weeks… was another thing… The staff was not as responsive as the clinic in Puerto Rico. She received her treatments as scheduled but the staff was not very efficient… It seemed as though they were too busy and under staffed… One tech for about 8 machines… SO I stayed there at her side and watched the machine for alarms. Also it seems after about 10 days my partner was not feeling well; was tired and did not have the energy to go sight seeing and getting out… So I feel if you are planning on a trip, try to make it back home after 9 days or so… it also took her about a week to get back into the swing of things…

This past Christmas we went on a trip to visit family and friends for two weeks… Using the NxStage is the best way to get out and see places. It was nice that the supplies were delivered and ready before we left. We drove with the System One in the back of our SUV. Could have flown as I have a packaging for the unit. If you are planning a trip and on NxStage contact them and they will send you a packet of what you need to do to travel with the System One. The only problem with the System One is the weight of it…

BUT DO GET OUT AND DO SOME TRAVELING… the change will be great.


I can only agree, do get out there & have a break if you can. I’ve just had 2 weeks on the small island of Menorca with a friend & some family :slight_smile: Excellent!