Trip to US

My father is planing to visit the United states. He does Peritonal Dialysis using the Ultrabag® PD-2, 2.5% Dextrose 4 times a day. This means that he will need 4 bags a day. Baxter indicated that they will not be able to shi this solution to the US from India.

I understand that getting insurance is next to impossible. What is the most cost effective way for me to get the solution in the US. Any suggestions of names of pharmacies that carry this solution in bulk would be appreciated

Baxter US has describes in its prescribing information for its Extraneal (icodextrin) solution on its website that it has extraneal solution in 1.5 L, 2.0 L, 2.5 L Ambu-Flex II or Ultrabag containers ( On page 4 of 4 of the product description it gives the product IDs depending on the number of liters used.

Baxter India could contact Baxter US to see what can be worked out so you can get the solution that you need at the lowest possible cost. If your Baxter representative won’t do this, you can call Baxter US at 1-847-948-4770. You could try sending an email through Baxter’s contact us website at I suspect you will get a faster response if you call.