Uf volume

been on pd for 18 months. I do 1600 mid-day, 1900 on cycler and 1600 last fill. my uf is usally between 1300-2000. once in awhile I will have a 1000 for a uf. what is the cause of that ? also a lot of fibron and has always had this. Second how long do people last doing pd. I do not want a transplant because of drugs to be on and I had I G A of the kidney "s . So I would be in the same boat all over again in 5 years.

Hi Jenjen, and welcome to Home Dialysis Central! My understanding (as a non-nurse) is that you may sometimes be absorbing some of the PD solution, which would reduce your UF. I hope that others who do PD can weigh in on this.

As far as how long you can do PD, it varies. If you don’t get peritonitis and if your peritoneal membrane continues to work well, you could do PD for many years. I think the longest I’ve heard of is 18 years, and her story is on this site at: http://www.homedialysis.org/v1/profiles/profiles/sherryld.shtml. To be able to keep doing PD for a long time, it’s important to have your residual renal function measured periodically (with a 24-hour urine test) and to have PET’s done to document how well your membrane is working. In this way, your treatment can be adjusted to make sure that you continue to feel your best.

If PD stops working for you one day down the road, and you don’t want a transplant, there are 3 home hemo modalities you can also consider, which would keep you in charge of your day-to-day schedule and life. You can read about those on this site at: http://www.homedialysis.org/v1/types/

I am new to CCPD also (June 05). When I first started I got a couple of negative UF readings I got upset but am lucky to have a great PD nurse . What it comes down to you have to watch your fluid intake and your weight. I do 4 exchanges in a 9 hr. period (I don’t have to do daytime exchanges) I use 1 6 liter bags of 1.5 and 1 6 liter bag of 2.5 and my UF’s run between 300 and 900 and my average dweal is about 1:30. I just had my PET and have a high average peratoneal and my rate was 2.54. How do you feel? It is important that you feel well. I plan to be on CCPD for a long time. :wink:

Hi. Been on PD cycler for almost 2 years… I concerned about the fibrin… that is a sign of something your body is trying to deal with… (infection, healing etc) I’d have a culture taken and evaluated.

I found an answer to a question about fibrin on the International Society of Peritoneal Dialysis website. It said:
… fibrin in the PD fluid draining out of your abdomen into your drain bag can clog, or block, your PD catheter.

“Fibrin occurs as a result of protein formation from fibrinogen in the blood…. Strands of fibrin lead to poor drainage (i.e. inflow and outflow) and is usually seen in the outflow bag as pieces of cotton wool.” (page 293). From Oxford Handbook of Renal Nursing (2013), Oxford University Press.

Once fibrin is observed in the PD drain fluid, intraperitoneal (IP) heparin will usually be ordered by your nephrologist/home training nurse to be added to each subsequent PD exchange, to prevent further formation of fibrin. The amount of heparin ordered is typically 500 units per liter of PD fluid for 24 hours, then reassessed. Your home PD unit may have a slightly different protocol. You should contact the nurses in your home PD unit for further advice.