Ups and downs

Iv’e been on PD for 9 years in that time I’ve had lots of ups and downs. It’s not perfect just a treatment. I’ve nearly died twice from blood loss, once from my left kidney was damaged and once from a bleeding ulcer. I must say that it’s been a long road . I don’t really remember what it feels like to be healthy, though I have had some really good days. I stay fairly active though the last blood loss (last month) caused more loss of muscle mass. I came back with iron infusions and heavy epo (I don’t do blood) and I have all new blood now and for the last week I’ve felt like a million dollars. I told my doc that he should bleed all his patients every 4 years or so just to clean them up. Have hope in an eventual cure. One where we can make our own kidneys, now that would actually be a cure. Unlike transplant that is just another form of therapy. Till then we’re all alive but just short of living. I’m actually an optomist you know, halve full not halve emtie. I’m thankfull to have lived long enough to see my first grandchild, go on a couple of cruises, snorkle at St. Johns island. I don’t ask ‘why me’, but have been ready to finally rest. I don’t fear death, been there nearly twice, believe in the resurection and that death is a sleep until we are awoken. With that firm conviction I know that if i die the next breath I take weather it’s an hour or a thousand years, from my viewpoint it will be my next breath and I will be whole. I look forward to when God makes all things new. What the bible calls the “REAL LIFE”. Hope all you folks have a hope for the future, and that all goes well with your treatment.

It sounds as if you’ve reached a really good place, Ups and Downs–not afraid, at peace with whatever happens, grateful for people and things you’ve enjoyed doing. Thank you for sharing that with us.