Urge to urinate during dialysis

I am a 70 year old male .I’ve been on dialysis for about 10 weeks. My sessions are 4 hours long. The last hour , each and every session, I have to urinate . Holding it makes a situation that I totally dislike, even more intolerable.
Any suggestions?

I assume you went to the bathroom right before you got on dialysis. Are you on dialysis in a clinic or at home? If at home, I’d suggest you have a urinal nearby that you can use while you’re on dialysis. If you’re in a clinic, tell the nurse or technician taking care of you. They should have a urinal you can use and use screens around your dialysis chair to give you privacy while you use it. It is also possible to take a patient off dialysis temporarily so s/he can use the restroom and recirculate the blood in the line so it doesn’t clot. However, since BP can be lower toward the end of dialysis, it’s safer to use a urinal on dialysis.