Use of fistula's rather than graft

I know I can drink at least 3 beers so I’m cool on that if I need to, hopefully not every day!

I was intrigued by Dr. Agar’s statement about a graft. “If you can implant a graft - you can do a fistula” if that’s the case are they doing anything different over there to develop fistulas?

I’ve heard they are doing a lot of different surgeries to do fistulas but my question is: Is this another it takes too much time for what I get paid issue or is it a skill set issue?

If I couldn’t get a fistula, I’d find a surgeon somewhere that would do a fistula if the procedure is available and I’ve got to think if they don’t do them in Australia why should it be different here. Did he say they didn’t do ANY grafts or was there a small percentage?

I was taken by that statement too. I’ve know some dialyzors who have had several fistulas, and for one reason or another lose them. I can’t believe it always the dialyzor’s fault. For some, I believe it has to be physiology. Bit that’a a good question to hold for Debbie Brouwer.